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At the heart of Aurura Solutions is the responsibility of an open web. As the world came to 21st century and more mobile-oriented, internet services became ever growingly centralized. This led to various problems, including the lack of control of privacy, inconvenience for users to travel between services, companies holding the rights of user-created data, and much more. Legislations began to deal with it, sure. But citizens, consumers and developers could also make an impact on these gargantual multi-nation cooperations.


Aurura Solutions provide the following services at this moment:

Hosting Services

If you believe your project could help the development of a more open web, contact me at and I will contact you soon.


If you have any problem regarding our services or have a complaint, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Currently, we’re applying an ASN for Aurura Solutions. The full transparency report will be available soon.

Estimated infrastructure upkeep cost per year:


Estimated infrastructure purchase cost:

PHASE 1 1,000$ PHASE 2 TBD

Last but not the least

Rule #10: Let’s all have fun and play together!